What’s the best waterproof backpack. Depends

Waterproof  backpacks are very functional to say the least, they are a variety of places and situations where they can come in most handy.

We can look at a list of some very good waterproof backpacks they features and benefits and then maybe we can start to answer the question, what is the best waterproof backpack?

Ultimately I think that it depends on what you would need the backpack for, will you be in an urban setting? a hiking setting? a fishing setting, water sports setting? a beach setting? or some other setting?

First answering the above questions can lead us to a clearer answer about the best waterproof back pack for ourselves.

This list that we chose to review is a good starting point.




The SEVENTY2, Best waterproof backpack for Preppers.

This piece in my humble opinion is a work of art. The entire piece with fully loaded

The SEVENTY2 survival system states that 95% of all survival situations are resolved in the first 72 hours. This backpack is said to be the world’s first fully integrated system designed to guide you through an unexpected emergency situation.

In this section I will be discussing the insert that is included in the backpack, however the next section goes over the amazing ‘shell’ of the SEVENTY2. There is so much going on here that discussing the backpack in parts makes perfect sense.

The insert is organized and color coded, when it is pulled out of the shell it reveals eight durable gear pouches that contain survival tools and products.

Printed on the insert are highly legible icons and instruction guides for using the tools and products.

What’s in the SEVENTY2?

  • RZ M5 Air Filtration mask, Goggles.
  • 3-in-1 Radio( flashlight, tri-band, smartphone charger), Flashlight.
  • Datrex: High calorie food bars.
  • Collapsible Water Bottle, Nalgene Water Bottle.
  • Chem Lights.
  • First Aid Kit, Anti-Bacterial Wipes, Sunscreen, Splint.
  • Multi-tool, Duct Tape, Convertible Shovel /Pick Axe, Paracord.
  • Gloves, Hat, Heat Pack, Mylar Thermal Space Blanket, Mylar Thermal Survival Tent.

The fully loaded Backpack weighs 11.5 lbs, I would have guessed it weighed much more than it does so that was definitely a surprise.

The insert also comes with shoulder straps so when it’s removed from the shell the carrying capacity increases if a second person is they to wear the shell.

This was a brief look at a truly masterful design,

The price for this fully loaded piece is $349.99.




The SEVENTY2shell

so it is basically just the shell, giving you the option to prep it as you feel. Not only is this backpack shell functional but it has a very distinct look and a stylish appeal that makes it the perfect backpack for hiking or city/urban traveling or settings.

  • Reflective Logo
  • Waterproof pockets on the back and the hips designed to fit the largest smartphones on the market today
  • It’s airtight and can be used as a flotation device
  • Attachment points on the bottom and the sides
  • A whistle attached to sternum strap
  • Roll top construction
  • It also has a water bottle pocket on the outside
  • it comes in Grey or black
  • The SEVENTY2shell is also very rugged and comfortable to carry.
  • 48 L storage capacity

You can purchase the SEVENTY2shell for $124.00,

This piece is definitely a cool constructed work of art, When you check the original SEVENTY2 out and see how amazing it is, it is no wonder the SEVENTY2shell also made our list.



Yeti Panga backpack 28

This piece is an interesting one from Yeti. To quote Cody Townsend a Yeti Ambassador and professional skier: ” The Panga back pack is the Halo covering my precious DON’T-GET-WET goods. From Fishing trips to rain forest to surfing trips on the desert coastline, I know I can bring cameras and computers knowing that they won’t die from moisture or dirt.”

This back pack is not a cooler, it is airtight and fully waterproof and submersible, It’s design is very appealing it is definitely a good-looking backpack. It is not as big as the SEVENTY2shell but it is very durable and functional.

People who love to canoe and Kayak can find this piece very useful as well.

  • It is 7″ x 20″ x 12 1/2″
  • It’s empty weight is 3.9 lbs
  • Laptop sleeve
  • it also has a few other compartments

This exceptional backpack price is $299 and according to many who have use this product, it is well worth the money.




Catalyst Waterproof 20 L backpack

This backpack is ultra compact, it is lightweight and comes with a compact carrying pouch.

  • It has quick drying mesh shoulder straps
  • It is foldable, and packable
  • 20L carrying capacity
  • Sternum Straps
  • Roll Top Closure

This backpack made the list because it of it’s lightweight extremely compact versatility and it’s design as well. It is also very sleek with it’s ‘Stealth’ Black color.

From an urban escapade, to a wildlife setting the beach or a dozen more places, this backpack really has a lot going for it.

The price of this one is: $ 83.98

Not bad at all.

After looking at a few of many great waterproof backpacks on the market today, I think we can agree that the ones we focused on in this post are high functioning and worth the money.

Even though all WaterProof backpacks are high functioning, I think it depends on what the setting will be that you plan on using the backpack that will ultimately decide which one is the best for you.

So whether you’re a dooms day prepper, a surfer, and photographer, a hunter, a partier, or you’re none of those things at all; taking a look at these Waterproof backpacks might make you want to get to know more about these beauties.

So what do you think? Do you have a great use for a waterproof backpack and do you know of any other waterproof backpacks that you think could have been on this list.

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