The Flames of the week

06/09/2020: The Tajezzo Sling Backpack

UPDATE: I no longer consider this backpack Flames right now, the fire has been extinguished.

I ordered this product through Amazon but when it arrived it was defective. The charging port that was advertised as one of the features on the backpack did not work. I requested a replacement because I really liked the design and really wanted the bag, but was later informed by Amazon that my order was cancelled and would not be fulfilled due to production chain issues.

I must admit this had me surprised, as a result I cannot suggest this product as a go because it seems like things aren’t right with the producer right now. I even emailed the producers of the product but still no response. As a result I will not do a full review of this product because I don’t think it would make sense right now; Maybe after the makers sort things out we can re-visit it.

No Worries:  We will continue to be a place you can come to get great information related to Lit Backpacks. If it’s go or if it’s not I will let it be known,

Yours Truly, Jay

 06/01/2020 – 06/07/2020

The Tajezzo Sling Backpack:

click on image to see more about this one

It’s a waterproof cross body day pack, I think it deserves to be highlighted this week because of its polyhedron protective structure, Its geometric style along with its color comes off clean and smooth.

It is priced at $42.99 on Amazon, which I think is reasonable.

Overall it is different and caught my attention because of its look. Fashion and practicality seems to meet nicely with this one.

As far as features:

It has a hidden USB connector and is also stated to be an Anti-theft bag.

It is not a big sling but it can come in handy when you need to carry just a few items too many for your pants pockets or jacket.

I am going to order this sling ( because I need a new sling right now) and when it arrives I will do a video review detailing everything I can to give you an idea of what this Tajezzo sling backpack is all about in my opinion.

The texture of the materials, size of the inner pockets and ultimately its overall functionality.

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