The best backpacks for work, 2020

  As we bring in 2020 with a bang, I think it would be appropriate to mention some features and benefits we can look out for this year when choosing a backpack for work.

The best backpacks for work in 2020 will have benefits and features that will allow one to adapt and react to many possibilities that might arise during the work day.

It will not always have to be expensive because many are actually reasonably priced but even if it is expensive there are other options with similar features that can be substituted.

Laptop pouches and sleeves

This is an obvious choice when it comes to what features to look out for in a backpack in 2020. A padded 15″ to 17″ dedicated laptop pouch would be a good start in this department. It can offer extra protection for your laptop from lint and dust found in the bottom your bag.

That extra protection will of course lead to a longer life for your hardware helping you save extra money in the long run. It will also give your laptop protection from knocks and bumps, falls and bag drops.

Weatherproof and sleek

Many of the modern backpacks feature weatherproof benefits, they can be made with 100% polyester, ballistic nylon or some other synthetic fabric or treatment; they can sometimes be even weaved with leather, these are a must for someone choosing a good bag for work. Textile lining and sleek exterior designs or also features to look out for.




Some brands that do well in this department are the North Face Caban Backpack  and,



Chrome Industires Urban Ex Roll Top backpack.

These weatherproof features will help during your commute if you live in a big city and may take public transportation during a rainy, or snowy day.

One other big advantage with owning a backpack with weatherproof features is that you can be sure your backpack is built to last.

In terms of exterior design, sleek reflector straps, water bottle pockets, buckled or padded straps and a minimalist design all add an advantage to be considered when choosing wisely.

The straps of the backpacks are also of importance. Hidden backpack straps allow for the briefcase designed backpacks to transform and be worn like a traditional backpack.

Compression straps and padded straps are also good features to look into.


Having many compartments and zippered pouches can take your backpack game to the next level. They allow for easy organization, easy handling, and added protection for valuable items. People working in the photography industry will find these features good for housing camera gear for an example.


The Everki backpacks are pretty impressive as it relates to it’s multi-chambers, even though it is considered a travel backpack I think it was perfect for our topic because of its functionality. Having to travel may be in your line of work as well as having to conduct your business in a board room, the Everki Onyx would be a good aid

Some of these backpacks also feature a separate compartment for your shoes if you happen to be going to the gym before or after work.

The importance of having multi-chambers cannot be overstated, the functionality it brings the owner can be the difference between being prepared and being caught of guard.

Smart features

When looking for a backpack to invest in for work, having a bag that boasts smart features may be the right thing for you. The Anti-theft feature is particularly interesting because it offers a charging USB port, the laptop compartment will be Anti-theft and like previously mentioned it will be water and or weather resistant.

Hidden RFID blocking pockets and lockable zippers are also great.



The Mancro Anti-Theft laptop backpack




and the Korin Click Pack Pro offer smart features like Anti-Theft.

Solar powered banks and blue tooth speakers may seem like too much, but for some people it is perfect for the type of work they may be associated with.


When we take a look at the type of features we would want in a backpack for work, we also have to look at the different prices that these backpacks cost.



The prices can range from the Jansport Interface Laptop backpack for $25



All the way up to the Veilance Nomin pack for $800, so it’s clear to see that depending on your needs for work the price for your back pack will rise or fall.

Overall I think many of these pieces are reasonably priced and it should not stop anyone from enjoying the benefits of these backpacks.

In the case of the Anti-theft features, I think it would be well worth the money to protect your valuables and other items you may need.


Which backpack fits your line of work the best?

So as we start the new year asking ourselves which backpack would be the perfect fit for work, we have to consider some important factors.

We acknowledged laptop pouches and sleeves, materials used to make the backpack, the amount of chambers and smart features as well as prices as some factors to be considered before making our decision. Many of these features help us to adapt to our work environment whether indoors or outdoors.


No matter the price there is a backpack that fits your work life and your budget.

What do you think? Do you have another feature we should add to our list of things to look out for when choosing a backpack for work? Do you own a backpack that you use for work and does it have any of the features we mentioned here?

What is your idea of the best backpack for work? outdoor or indoor use, which one is the best fit for you?

Leave a comment and lets us know, we would love know if you enjoyed this topic.

10 Replies to “The best backpacks for work, 2020”

  1. Great post!
    The right backpack can make a big difference for work and you break down most of the important features.
    I bought a Osprey backpack 2.5 years ago that has been perfect for me. It is a pretty lightweight backpack but includes plenty of room for a computer and any supplies for day trips. A laptop pouch is very important when carrying your computer around to keep it secure but also easily accessible too.
    Waterproof is a key factor that my current backpack does not have that I wish it had. It does keep some of the water off of it but could be better when it is raining.
    There are great prices for backpacks if you look around but I like to check out REI. This store has tons of options for backpacks and outdoor equipment.
    Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. I love this list as it has some things I hadn’t even thought to look for in a backpack for work!

    A whole load of compartments and a laptop sleeve are definitely my must-haves in a work bag, but I hadn’t really considered how great it would be to have anti-theft features. And that USB charging port is an awesome feature as well!
    Do you have a link to one of the backpacks you would suggest that sports the above features?

    Thanks for the info!

  3. I am a big fan of backpacks. I used to walk/run which weighed half my body weight. I like the whole site it’s very good. I think the use of media would be a great addition for each pack. You could also do a whole page on how to wear them properly, how to adjust, what to pack where, how to guard against chafing etc.

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for the feed back. I like the suggestions you offered and I think I will also create content related to what you pointed out in you comment. I want this website to be the best it can be, so once again thanks for your suggestions.

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