Single strap backpacks, now is the time.

Now is the time to take a closer look at single strap backpacks, also known as haversacks, knapsacks, rucksacks and sling chest bags, this is great because these are some of my favorite types of backpacks.

In 2020 and beyond, I am confident a single strap backpack is a great choice for anyone looking for an amazing multi-functional piece. From the materials and designs to the prices and more, it makes sense to invest in one of these beauties.


Just like the slew of backpacks we will discuss on this website and have been discussing thus far, single strap backpacks are made from the same materials.

No longer are we restricted to cotton canvas, now many of our backpacks are made from stronger materials.

Ripstop is popular now in hiking and camping backpacks so it no surprise that it popular for single strap backpacks as well. Rinstop materials help preserve the integrity of apparel.

There’s also Polyester Canvas which is low priced but still considered fairly durable, some people also think that polyester canvas does not last as long as cotton canvas, which is actually ironic as it relates to the various materials that are used today to make these bags.

From leather, faux leather, vegan leather, nylon and so much more, many of these bags are made to be durable so one should keep that in mind when choosing. The materials used in making the product will also play a big role in our decision.

Single-strap vs Double-strap

When considering this issue, it would seem that double strap backpacks would win in all categories. Single strap backpacks has sometimes been deemed too juvenile for adults however I disagree with this assessment.

Some people have suggested that one should only wear a single strap back pack when it extremely hot outside, but I think I can come up with other suitable situations that would make a single strap backpack a perfect fit.

The traditional double strap has so many advantages but the single strap can be very functional as well.

Street vendors will find single straps useful when instead of the back, it is placed on the chest and stomach allowing for valuables to be more secure.

If you cycle to work, single straps can be very useful, they are also useful for everyday carry because they are lightweight.

Single straps are also trending as a nice fashion accessory for men and women, they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Even some designer brands have enjoyed success in this market as well.

So even though double straps are very functional, single straps are also useful and deserving of our attention.

What are the prices looking like nowadays?



From $10 and $13 dollars like the G4free Sling Backpack Small Cross Body Bag,




To the Angelo Sling by Tumi for $1200 you will see these prices fit all budgets. Let’s discuss the beauties in between the prices I just mentioned.



Crocodile Wear has a full grain single strap backpack for $70: This one features sleek and soft black patterns of either Crocodile Back or Crocodile Head. These pieces also come with matching wallets if you wanted to take it to the next level of awesome.




We also have the Columbia Urban Lifestyle sling for $50: It features an internal water bottle as well as an internal security pocket. It’s design makes it suitable to be worn to the office or the airport with comfort and style.



The Rescue sling pack by Meret Products $111:

Let’s look at probably the most functional piece in this post, This one was designed for emergency situations where there is blood borne pathogens that need to be quickly and easily cleaned by a medical professional. With Reflective front side panels, multiple quick access pockets, elastic internal pouches for gloves and so much more this product is the real deal.




Check out the Patagonia Stormfront Sling 20L for $229: Durable and waterproof with side attachment points and a quick access grab handle, this piece in mainly for deep wading and fishing sessions. The design of this Stormfront sling is so functional I know it can be used in many other settings.



The Polare Cool Real Leather Cross body Sling for $75: Features multiple compartments and a detachable pouch, it is also made from soft first grain cowhide leather and comes in four colors.

I think these pieces we discussed here are good examples of the variety of single strap backpacks that are on the market today that are indeed worthy of our recognition.

My favorite and why.

I like the Polare Cool because I like leather slings and I like multiple compartments. Even though I think that all the pieces we mentioned are very nice, the Polare Cool Real Leather Cross body Sling was my choice for this month. Let me known what you think in the comments about your favorite choice.

So is now the time?

Maybe it has always been the right time to get a single strap sling, it goes by many names, it has many functions but one thing is for sure, we love them and look forward to using them when needed.

The variety of materials, from waterproof to leather make these pieces not only high functioning but also highly stylish.

When compared to double strap backpacks, there are similarities but the single strap sling still stands out while offering some unique features of it own. Both types of backpacks are very useful and should be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

The prices are very flexible depending on what you are looking for and what your budget is, however like so many things in general, the prices and quality of the finished product are closely related.

So what say you? Do you have a single strap backpack, if yes what do you think about it? if no, do you think you could use one?

Leave a comment and let me known what your over all views are about this topic.

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