Really cool backpacks- The choice is yours

Seasons Change but some things stay the same like our multiple uses for back packs. However, in this piece I want to address a specific kind of backpack, a really cool backpack. Even though the word cool is as subjective as you can get, we will look at some of the most innovative, clever, and out right impressive pieces available, let’s see what we can find.

Really cool backpacks is a broad term

As stated, really cool backpacks is a broad term so we will concentrate on 3 to 4 types of backpacks in the backpack sphere. We will look at smart technology and backpacks, fashionable and trending backpacks and outdoors and sometimes multi functional backpacks. These backpacks range from the reasonably priced to the very expensive however price is not a major focus because we mainly want to highlight the excellence of these backpacks as it relates final product. This list will help us identify some unique pieces that deserve our recognition for being really cool backpacks.

So whether you’re into hi tech features, fashion and creativity, clever and different or an outdoor and adventurous lifestyle; even if you’re into them all, this is a great place to be as we take a look at what’s out there.

Smart technology and backpacks

Even backpacks are getting in on the smart technology movement and these types in my mind are some of the most really cool backpacks out there. Some of these smart backpacks come equipped with built-in speakers, charging ports for your laptop or smart phone, solar panels, anti-theft zippers, built-in LED lights, real time GPS tracking, missing items’ reminder, back view cameras and so much more. If I saw someone with a backpack that had a back view camera I would be like wow!

Smart backpacks are important because of the benefits they offer in keeping all of your gear charged and comfortably available to you, the peace of mind due to the security features that many provide are also a plus. For anyone who travels a great deal for any reason, smart backpacks become a valuable aid in making your trip easier. These bad boys are also TSA approved so taking them to the sky is no problem at all. When we look at the different ways we can use a smart backpack it makes sense to buy at least one or two.

Fashionable and trending backpacks

When we talk about the fashion aspect of backpacks, there’s so much going on because style is a way of communication on its own.

 There’s great overlap between the smart backpacks and fashionable backpacks. In many cases there are the same because the smart backpacks are so beautifully made. We see anti-theft convertible back packs shifting from purse style to having two shoulder straps come out and becoming a back pack. The materials and colors used enhances the end product greatly. From hard wearing nylon to tough denim to clear backpack packs with crazy colored straps its clear that our appetite for these creations are only increasing.

We see metro backpacks with a rfid phone wristlet allowing you to go hands-free, these pieces are sleek as well as functional and many would agree upon seeing them that they would make our list as a really cool backpack. Whether its for travel, luxury, casual use or professional just to name a few, the amount of style that is being put into these pieces are very impressive.


Outdoor and sometimes multi functional

When we look at the outdoors usage of backpacks, it seems like endless features and benefits are showcased. As we consider what type of backpack to choose, choices like external frame, internal frame or frame less backpack becomes necessary. Ventilation and pocket placement are also important as well as removable day packs and a sleeping bag compartment. Attachment points for tools, rain cover and hydration reservoir are just some of the many features that we have come to rely on to make our backpack high functioning for us. From the fit of the backpack to the capacity all these aspects can make the difference when picking the one that is right for you.

We see multi functional backpacks that feature a portable washing machine, compression dry bag and outdoor shower all in one. We see backpacks that turn into bulletproof vest within seconds providing protection when needed and once again they overlap with the fashionable and the smart technology to create unique pieces for so many everyday life moments. As it relates to the outdoors and multi functional backpacks these pieces are also very impressive.

It’s all good

So whether you’re into outdoors and adventure, fashion and creativity, the clever and the unique or high tech features, we can all agree that we can find some excellent pieces in any of these categories. Even though the prices may vary from piece to piece, category to category from reasonably priced to very expensive; in many cases each category discussed here has massive overlap with each other.

With the high functionality of the smart tech features to the durability and multi functionality of the outdoor pieces, to the masterfully chosen materials and the innovative artistic creative expressions; the backpack sphere has so much to offer to us. I think making an investment in one of these types of backpacks is a good idea. What new features and benefits will we gain from the next backpack to come across our radar? whatever it is I’m sure it will be something good and quite possibly game-changing.

Even though there were countless other types of backpacks that could have made this list, what we chose to discussed gets us going in the right direction. We will always be excited when new features and benefits get revealed or old features and benefits become reborn because it is our way of being grateful to all the innovative designers and thoughtful creators of these products. From the list we discussed, what features or benefits stuck out to you most as interesting or cool?

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  1. About the “Really cool backpacks- The choice is yours” I really liked the most of the contents of this page especially on “built-in LED lights, real time GPS tracking, missing items’ reminder, back view cameras and so much more.” I don’t usually carry a backpack that much while enjoying a regular handbag or a portfolio type of bag. In the current travel ban by the TSA at the airport looking for an explosive, or any chemical, even the material that’s able to cause an explosion on the plane is prohibited on the flight. The built-in LED lights, in my opinion, are able to cause a fire or at any time or anywhere travels from one place to another destination around the world. We’ve heard about the cell phone battery overheated that inflame in the house that resulted in

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