Bulletproof backpack review, Leatherback

Let’s take a look at the so called ‘world’s safest backpack’ from Leatherback gear.

Is this backpack worth the money? Is it really as good as many are saying or is it just junk? What are the main features it possesses and are those features beneficial.

We will look at these questions and more as we delve into the world of Leatherback gear.

Bulletproof Backpacks.

I want to look at the four bulletproof backpacks that Leatherback gear offers, the Civilian One, the Sport One, the Tactical One and the Sport One Jr.

I will be focusing on the Civilian One, and the Tactical One for a review in this article.


The Civilian One is stated to be perfect for adults:

It weighs 5.2 lbs, it has two bulletproof panel inserts, two detachable tourniquets, an Anti-identity RDIF pocket, 300lb drag handle and a 15″ laptop compartment.


The Sport one is also stated to be perfect for adults:

It weighs 5.1 lbs, it has two bulletproof panel inserts, two detachable tourniquets, 180lb drag handle and a 17″ laptop compartment.



The Tactical One is stated to be perfect for law enforcement:

It weighs 6.2lbs, it has two bulletproof panel inserts, two detachable tourniquets, an Anti-identity RDIF pocket, 300lb drag handle, Tactical Molle Rigging for military gear, it comes in 3 colors gray, black and tan and has a 17″ laptop compartment.



The Sport One Junior is stated to be perfect for kids:

It weighs 3.4lbs, it has two bulletproof panel inserts, two detachable tourniquets, 180lb drag handle and a 15″ laptop compartment.

Now we have a basic idea of what each piece brings to the table, let’s take a closer look at two of these pieces.

Civilian One reviews:

A post from Jimbatho, from CA, USA, Posted on /03/09/2019 posted on opticsplanet.com:

” I have been taking this to the office for the past few weeks and it has been a great experience so far. I cannot carry my gun at work so this is better than nothing. I have about an hour commute 1 way so I’m really wearing this thing and using every day.

My thoughts so far. Its discrete, nobody has a clue except for my friends because I couldn’t help but show off the party trick. It does have some weight to it but it’s nothing crazy. Storage is where I think this backpack looses a star. It holds laptops flawlessly in the laptop pocket. But the main pocket is just a slightly larger laptop pocket. I think it’s perfect for school kids because it will actually hold allot if it’s flat stuff like books.

Anything that’s not relatively flat/rectangle is going to bulge into your back. I think if you are going to school or work this is a great option but if you want some more storage I would spring for the tactical 1 although you will lose the stealth look you will be able to carry more.”

A post from Mac, USA, Posted on 06/18/2018 posted on opticsplanet.com:

“It has a lot of compartments, and all the zippers run smooth. I give four stars only because of high price tag. I’m hoping that means I got a high quality product, but only time will tell.

I love the fact that it can transform into a vest, it takes a few seconds but is still a big advantage over just a panel in a traditional backpack. I also really like that at first glance this pack will blend in with all normal packs. I hope the panels never get tested, but I figured one can never be overly prepared.”


Tactical One review:


Quoting several times from a post on survivalcache.com, Posted on 09/22/2019, by Derrick owner of Prepper Press:

“I needed to find the best tactical bag I could use as a carry-on for airlines. People say I travel a lot, but I think that depends on one’s perspective”.

“Being a prepper also forces me to see travel, and thus luggage, through prepper eyes”.

“It needed to be tactical”.

“This was the biggest criteria”.

“This is the biggest tactical features Leatherback’s armored panels are NIJ Level IIIA Rated Armor. That level will protect the wearer against nearly all handgun rounds up to .44 magnum with a mass of 240 grains and a velocity of 1,340 ft/s. This armor will even stop 12-gauge slugs!”

“My biggest, and immediate, criticism of the bag is that it’s lacking a place to store a water bottle on the side. This may not matter as much to others, but I carry a water bottle every day in m 5.11 laptop bag”

“I have now gone through many lower-priced packs that I have had to replace over the years because their quality deteriorates over time.

That won’t happen with this pack as the construction is dramatically better. So, while a pack like this might cost more up front, it may break even (or even save money) in the long run as it stands the test of time.”

The Prices.

The Civilian One: $349.99

The Sport One: $289.99

The Tactical One: $399.99

The Sport One Junior: $249.99

Many have stated that the prices are little expensive however, I think that given the quality of the product and the functionality of the product the price is cool.


My final Thoughts.


When you take a close look at what Leatherback gear has to offer in terms of their bulletproof backpacks, You walk away with the sense that these products are well-made and designed.

From the Civilian One to the Sport One Jr, These backpacks are exceptional in terms of their functionality.

A parent sending a child to school in today’s social climate, a social climate that has seen multiple school shooters on campus and even in high schools over the past decade would be relieved to the extent that their child would stand a better chance in the worst case scenario as an example.

Many people from all walks of life stand to benefit from the advantage of having a Leatherback gear bulletproof backpack in the collection.

Although the price can be a deterrent for some, I think for most the price is not a deal breaker.

So I must say that Leatherback gear is totally worth it.

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  1. Hello there!

    Very important topic. I do not have children but this is definitely to consider in any parent. There is a lot of people with mental problems and one of this items can for sure save lives. They are expensive but they worth it.

    Can kids bring these to school? Are these for men and women?

    I like your post because you are informing your audience about a very important matter. What I do not like is the weapon picture. I’m sorry. It’s too creepy.

    1. Thanks for the feedback I think the guns are related to the topic of the importance of the bulletproof backpack, that’s the only reason they are there. I appreciate your concern.

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